"Inspiration is all around us.  I find it in the everyday moments of life."

~Donna Montieth

I'm Donna, and I am a self taught Artist, Surface Pattern Designer, and Quilt Maker.  
I draw my inspiration  from walks on my farm, from my community in  rural  Midwest Florida, and from sweet memories of bygone days.  I believe that the colors and patterns  found in the natural world, when we take the time to observe them, lend so well to creating artwork and surface pattern designs that unearth  such beauty.  
My mom was such a phenomenal influence in my creative journey.  She loved crafting beautiful things for her home from treasures collected along roadsides and waterways, and from found objects that she picked up.  She taught me that our lives and our homes are made more beautiful, when we consider  beyond what something is, and imagine what it could be.
I love all things quilty, and am accomplished in all aspects of quilt making; creating a pattern, fabric selection piecing and applique', and long arm quilting.  I love it when the right combinations of color and patterns  come together to really make a quilt sing.   

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Donna montieth illustration and design
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